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For answers to some of the most common questions concerning garage doors - how to take care of them & what to do when something goes wrong - scroll down to explore our FAQ page.

How do I look after my system's tracks?

If your tracks become significantly damaged, your rollers will find it harder to move and may come off the track. The best way to prevent this from happening is to regularly check the condition of the tracks. Check for dents and try to keep them clean from dirt, debris, and lubrication. You should also pay attention to the alignment as tracks not aligned may cause issues later on.

What is a garage door balance test?

This is a type of test that's conducted to determine if the tension of the springs needs to be adjusted. You can do it yourself. Simply disconnect the opener, and then lift your door until it is open halfway. If the panels can't stay in place and the door rises or drops quickly, then spring adjustment is required. This is a dangerous task so don't try to carry it out yourself. That's what our experts are here for.

What is a belt drive opener?

The opener is the motor unit that controls and powers the automatic movement of your garage door. A belt drive unit is very similar to a chain drive one, except for the fact that it uses a reinforced rubber belt, as the name suggest, instead of a chain. That means that it is far quieter, which makes it a perfect choice for homes with an attached garage. However, the downsides are that this type of opener is usually more expensive, and often not as powerful as a chain drive model.

Why is my garage door not closing?

There are a number of issues that will prevent the garage door from closing properly. The most common one is misaligned or dirty safety sensors. That sort of problem can cause the door to reverse every time you try to close it. They need to be repositioned so that they're facing each other correctly. Another possible reason could be dented or blocked tracks, which could be preventing the rollers from moving past a certain point. Our experts can troubleshoot the problem for you.


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